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 Fox and Wild Dog Trap - The Buntine Fox trap 10kg Premium Australian made

Fox and Wild Dog Trap - The Buntine

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Quick Overview

An Australian designed, solid construction live capture fox trap.


Fox Trap - The Buntine Australian designed, Australian made, multi-purpose for foxes, feral cats and wild dogs

  • Premium quality design and build,heavy duty metal mesh
  • Built to last, weather proof
  • Large enough to be serious about fox and dog trapping, gets the body and tail in before the trap door drops
  • 10 kg of hot-dipped galvanzied Australian One Steel
  • Simple and smooth to operate
  • Lockable side access door for easy access to bait cradle
  • Large and sturdy enough to withstand animals attempting escape
  • Will also trap the other feral meat eaters - wild dogs and feral cats
  • Live capture - means that your own animals and pets are kept safe
  • Poison-free trapping
  • Quality spot welding, attention to detail
  • Solid sheet metal back wall to deter animals from trying to access bait at the far end of the trap
  • Check traps daily to remove them from exposure

The fox is an introduced feral animal and is not native to Australia. It is a very efficient hunter and killer of native Australian wildlife and livestock. A real fox trap needs to be long enough and large enough to get the fast moving fox body and tail inside the trap before the trap door drops behind it.

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